The ‘Austrichienne’ in Her Own Accord

Just as most objects from history deviated from their motives, we can list multiple misunderstood axioms that made way to the present owing to their biased interpretations by partisans or pompous scribes. The guillotine being used as a new media term for modern-day infidelity, it was born to emulate the gory task of death – alleviating the victim from a slow and painful one. While Napolean succumbed to the poison being fed to him for years by his trusty Montholon, Joseph Guillotin was of the idea that if there was to be death, let the victim not suffer. Over the … Continue reading The ‘Austrichienne’ in Her Own Accord

Chapter 5 – Truth

The sun shone brighter than it had on the other days. In the afterglow of last night, I hurried down to breakfast to find Wally standing sternly at the door. He looked at me with an air on intimidation. He knew. ‘Why did not you tell me? I thought we were supposed to have no secrets! These are not things you hide from your best friend’, he commanded, making himself busy by looking around into the room. He was twisting his fingers in a way he does when he wants to appear angry. He looked nervously at my dad, and … Continue reading Chapter 5 – Truth

Chapter 4 – Lights

The lamps were hoisted high above the ground, and a long wooden pathway led us to a large park with Chinese lanterns tethered all around it. It was a splendid sight. The garden looked as if it had been decorated with fireflies fluttering happily, and winking at me. I looked at Wally in surprise and almost sprinted forward. ‘Did you do all this?’ I said; my smile widening. He held my hand and walked me through the pebble laid path at the foot of which stood a large tent smothered in fairy-lights. There was a big round wooden table sitting … Continue reading Chapter 4 – Lights