Chapter 2 – Lavender

Hello mother’, I started

‘We had the loveliest breakfast today. It was after a very long time I felt complete with dad, and Ryla, and Haiz. Wish you were here with us. The fireflies are almost over. Come my twentieth birthday, they will be all be up in the sky, and you will be back home with us,or so I hope. 

I do not understand why you did not tell father the truth. He believes you are truly no more, and it hurts to see his painful eyes every morning. Why does he not know about the magic? About the light? 

I hope the angels are treating you well, and you are enjoying your time at the university. I wonder what courses you have, and what exactly you do there. I wonder if it is literally worth dying for.

I miss you,

Your very own,


I took a deep breath and placed the diary back into the fire. It burst into flames, as it made its way to heaven. I sat crossed leg reading my book, and could feel the fire comfort me, and give me warmth.

The next thing I knew, I was woken up by rigorous stomping above me. Father must be home! I leapt out of my chair and ran upwards the marble staircase, trying carefully not to trip on its broken edges. I pulled on one of the hinges of the tile and pushed it slightly to ensure there was nobody. I shifted the tile and climbed out, shutting it back tactfully.

‘There you are!’ I turned around to see my father coming out of his room. ‘I was looking for you. I got worried. I did not see you there in the kitchen. How odd.’ He scratched his head in wonder. His face seemed focus, as though wondering the cause of his ignorance.

‘I was leaning down and peering into the oven’, I lied, procuring a semi baked cake with a wave of my hands inside the oven.

‘I thought I smelled something delicious’, he smiled gently. Ever wonderful, and ever trusting, our father never doubted any of us. He supports us immensely. I felt guilty for having to keep this lie from him, but this is one thing magic could do nothing about.


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