Chapter 4 – Lights

The lamps were hoisted high above the ground, and a long wooden pathway led us to a large park with Chinese lanterns tethered all around it. It was a splendid sight. The garden looked as if it had been decorated with fireflies fluttering happily, and winking at me. I looked at Wally in surprise and almost sprinted forward.

‘Did you do all this?’ I said; my smile widening.

He held my hand and walked me through the pebble laid path at the foot of which stood a large tent smothered in fairy-lights. There was a big round wooden table sitting comfortably with two wooden chairs staring at each other.  I walked through the snow laden grass surrounding the table and gave a wide grin. I stared at Wally for longer than a second then ran towards him and hugged him tightly.

‘Do you like it?’ he asked; his hands around my waist.

‘This is indeed magical’ I looked up at him, dreamily with my arms hanging around his neck. I meant it. It was magical in every way.

He pulled out a chair, and gestured me towards it. I sat down. A bouquet of carnations was positioned romantically on the table so that I could peer at him through the petals. He kept his palm facing upwards on the table, almost offering it, so I placed mine above his. He squeezed my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine. It was the most wonderful date ever.

I could not wait to go home and write to mom about it, though she had never responded to any of my letters. I wanted her to know everything about Wally; his kindness, his romantic gestures, his humor, his… love?

We stood in my pathway as the steel gates opened. He held my hand and walked me to my door.

‘Thank you, Wally. This was the sweetest thing I could ever ask for. It was the best birthday ever.’ I stared at him while squeezing his palm. I was nervous.

‘Well,’ he pulled me closer. I could feel his breath over my eyelids, and his chest scarcely touching mine, ‘It was my pleasure’ he smiled. I giggled and looked down at my feet.

He leaned forward and brushed his hand through my hair to rest it comfortably around my head to lift it up. I closed my eyes, and felt his lips softly touching mine. We kissed, for what felt like forever. I did not want it to stop.

We pulled away slowly, and I sighed.

‘Goodnight, Malicia. Happy Birthday, Smarty’, he said and hugged me tight.

I waited for him to leave, and ran up the stairs instantly. I was so happy. I could not help but smile like an idiot.

‘Well, are you going to tell us how it went?’ Ryla asked, while dad and Haiz positioned themselves around the room looking curious and just as giggly as I.

I slumped myself on the bed, and looking up at the night sky covered my blushing face. I sighed and told them every single detail, grinning throughout, and not pausing for breath.

‘Oh, how romantic’, the girls giggled

‘Wally is a decent fellow, I hope he does not turn out to be just the contrary’ dad smiled, and kissed us all goodnight.

I felt flushed, but somehow, felt angry at dad for being sceptic about Wally, especially after everything I just told him, about how he designed such a perfect birthday for me. Anyhow, I got over it, and tucked myself in feeling ever so grateful. I held my firefly pendant tightly, and looked at it. It must be lucky for me, I suppose.


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