Chapter 5 – Truth

The sun shone brighter than it had on the other days.

In the afterglow of last night, I hurried down to breakfast to find Wally standing sternly at the door. He looked at me with an air on intimidation. He knew.

‘Why did not you tell me? I thought we were supposed to have no secrets! These are not things you hide from your best friend’, he commanded, making himself busy by looking around into the room. He was twisting his fingers in a way he does when he wants to appear angry. He looked nervously at my dad, and then back at me. ‘I should have known’, he continued, with a sense of remorse, ‘someone like you, someone so perfect, obviously’, he paced up and down the path way leading up to the door, and threw his hands in the air.

I reached my hand out wanting to stop him, but I could not. He plainly swept across me, and sat himself on our sofa. The dull grey couch complimented his grey attire, almost entirely.

I turned around, my back to his face, and waved my hand so a tall glass of fizzle could appear. I walked up to him, and knelt down calmly handing him the moist glass.

‘I am sorry’, I said, placing my hands on his knee, and resting my head over my hands. ‘I am so sorry, Wally. I liked you, I still do, greatly – ‘

He sniffed and shrugged. I got up, and sat beside him. My dad and my two sisters staring into nothingness and confusion.

‘ – But, I cannot help it. I really cannot. It is natural, you see’, I looked at my hands and walked towards the window, ‘Oh, Wally, please forgive me. I did try!’

‘Oh, well’, Wally looked at my dad, ‘I suppose’, he looked up.

I jumped up and hugged him tight. ‘I knew I could count on you’

He hugged me back, then held my hand, ‘When did you know, Smarty?’

I smiled at him, and almost fell at the couch. My dad, my sisters, and Wally looked intriguingly at me. ‘She was beautiful’, I started. My dad was even more confused.

‘She?’ he inquired. ‘Your mom? Your sister? Your friend?’. A hushing sound silenced the atmosphere.

‘She is the most beautiful girl in town. She lives just four blocks up the road. I saw her when I was reading my the fireplace, and she passed our window. I went outside to see who it was, and ended up following her.’

My dad gaped at me, his mouth wide open. I could sense he knew where I was getting at.

‘Oh, dad, please do not be mad at me. It is all so natural.’ I explained calmly, as I held his hand, ‘It is not something bad, you kn- ‘

‘How did you do that?’, I turned around to see Wally’s jaw dropped. He had squeezed himself into the corner of the couch.

‘Do what? Follow her around?’, I giggled, ‘Well, I walked behind her, you know? I am a girl, there is not much for her to suspect and all’, I looked down hopefully. I never thought about that before. What if she did notice?

‘No, no, not that’, Wally squeaked, from the corner of the couch. ‘How are you making the glass overflow’, his voice shivered.

I turned around and saw that the fizzle was flooding over outside the glass incessantly. In my excitement of explaining this new development of myself, I lost control. I panicked, I had no idea what to do.

I looked at dad, he looked back at me. He did not say a word.


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